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Homeless momma dog and pups find hope at Barb's Dog Rescue in Puerto Penasco

One of our amazing supporters, Kay, learned about a feral mom with one-week-old pups living on the streets of San Thomas. Four of the puppies had already passed away.

Mama dog with pups in Puerto Penasco, Mexico
Homeless mama dog with her pups given a second chance at life thanks to Barb's Dog Rescue

Through her tenacity and a nearby guard willing to help, they rescued the pups, bottle-feed them and then trapped the feral mom. Kay brought them all to Barb's Dog Rescue the next day, where the mom will get all the nutritious food she needs to provide for her puppies.

Without Kay and the helpful guard, all of these puppies would have most likely perished. On top of all of this, Kay made a generous donation to help the rescue with the care of this precious family.

We can't tell you often enough that we simply cannot do all that we do without your generous help. Whether it's your time, money, sharing a Facebook post, or simply information about our rescue, everything you do helps us help them.

Thank you to Kay and the guard for saving these lives. Stay tuned as we help them flourish.

Please donate to Barb's Dog Rescue to help this family or one of the hundreds of dogs in our care.

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