For these dogs in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, Barb's Dog Rescue is their only hope.

Thousands of homeless dogs roam the streets in this community.  Many are injured or caring for young litters of puppies.  
We open our doors to dogs in need and provide them with food, shelter, veterinary care, and a place to call home, for however long they need. 
We give them hope. Please join us. 

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Hope and Love - A Tribute to Poshi


















Poshi's story is representative of so many of the dogs at the shelter. Poshi had a rough life before being rescued. He spent years tied up outdoors in the desert heat, with little food and no shade. He arrived in our care malnourished and weak, his spirit stifled, having never known love.

But Poshi had hope for a better life.

Lots of love and care at the shelter helped Poshi's soul begin to shine. A delightful fellow, he was a friend to every dog and person he met. He was enthusiastic about treats, and Barb made a point of giving him a special one each day. We made sure he was always comfortable, giving him a warm bed in the winter and an air-conditioned room on hot summer days.

For four years, Poshi graced us with his presence. While we loved having him in our care, we hoped that a forever family would come along and discover how wonderful he was. Senior dogs like Poshi are often overlooked when there are cute puppies and small dogs available. In Mexico, the volume of dogs in need is simply too great, and there are not enough families for all of them.

Poshi was a sweet soul and a perfect gentleman. He loved to be petted, and each of us at the shelter made a point of taking a few moments each day to rub his ears and give him a treat.

A few weeks ago, one of our staff members took Poshi to the beach on her day off. He had a wonderful time, soaking up attention and enjoying his special day.


We noticed recently that Poshi was losing weight. The veterinarian determined he had a serious kidney problem and little could be done for him. Poshi passed away a few days ago. We were his family to the end, accompanying him as he slipped away, free of pain.  

Poshi was never chosen for adoption, but he knew he was loved. We are honored to have been his family. Though he was one of countless dogs in need, Poshi was special and he mattered. He spread love and joy, and he reminded us that life is better when you treat everyone like a friend.

Goodbye, sweet boy. You were loved and you will be missed.

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