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Barb's Dog Rescue
of Rocky Point

Rescue never stops.

Barb’s Dog Rescue is saving the lives of Rocky Point’s street dogs!  Most dogs come to us in dire condition; they are often sick, starving, injured or abused.  Many of our female dogs come to us pregnant, and we are so happy to provide these sweet moms with a safe space to have their babies.  2023 was a very busy year, with well over 2,000 dogs rescued and adopted to loving families!  We lost our founder and hero Barbara Mumaugh last summer, and while her loss has left a hole in our hearts, we are more committed than ever to continue her mission and life’s work.  

We rely on donations to continue to save these precious souls—we vet, vaccinate, and spay/neuter every dog before they are made available for adoption. Providing veterinary care and food to thousands of dogs is expensive, and we are eternally grateful to our supporters who never let us down!  If you love Rocky Point, please help us control the street dog population by making a donation to this worthy cause.  

The rescue is currently home to over 450 dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds! Our dogs live in a community setting, where they learn how to live and play together.  This is great for their socialization and makes their transition into families with other dogs much easier.  

Our facility is extraordinary, and we love to show it off! Our hard working staff has dedicated themselves to this very important cause.  Rescue never stops—our work continues 24 hours a day, seven days/week.  

If you’re visiting Rocky Point, please consider giving one of our precious pups a break from shelter life—just stop by the rescue and choose a sweetheart to take on vacation with you! Maybe, just maybe, you’ll fall in love and decide to make their vacation permanent! 

We are open to visitors 7 days/week, please come and get a healthy dose of doggie love! We always appreciate volunteers—if you have some spare time to give, contact us at  Donations can be made at  We hope to see you soon!

Meet The Team!










Gabriela (Gaby)
















Karla Daniela















Our Board of Directors


Meet Kathy Fredrickson Willits, the dedicated President of Barb's Dog Rescue. Kathy's compassionate journey at the rescue began nine years ago, sparked by an immediate connection with Barney, a big, fluffy dog rescued from dire circumstances. Her mission to find him a home led to a deeper involvement, where she has since given tours, arranged adoptions, and now, utilizes her extensive network to lead the organization, addressing inquiries and enhancing community support.
Beyond her impactful work at the rescue, Kathy is a successful businesswoman. Her entrepreneurial journey has been marked by strategic leadership and innovation, culminating in the recent sale of her thriving business.
Married to Gregg, a real estate professional, since 2012, Kathy has faced personal losses with resilience, continuing to inspire through her work and dedication. Always active and far too dynamic to consider retiring, Kathy embodies leadership and compassion in every facet of her life.


Sheila Lane is a dedicated individual with over 20 years of experience in the medical field, where she has demonstrated her compassion and expertise in helping others. An avid learner, she thrives on collaboration. She actively contributes to her community through volunteer work with the Red Cross and Barb’s Dog Rescue, reflecting her deep love for animals, especially dogs. A lifelong resident of Arizona, Sheila enjoys a nurturing family life with her spouse and five children. She cherishes her time engaging in meaningful conversations and continuous learning and development. Sheila's commitment to lifelong growth, community engagement, and animal welfare highlights her compassionate nature and drive to make a positive difference in the lives around her.


My name is Gail Lacey, I was born and raised in Glendale, AZ. I have always been an advocate for dogs. I once stole 2 dogs from a backyard because they were being abused and found then new homes. 

Over 35 years ago  I taught school. Every year we read a beautiful dog story about a young boy in the late 1800's who saved money from coons and other wildlife he trapped and sold. He saved all the money he made in a Baking soda can to buy his first hunting dog. Every year my class brought in change or money they earned and we made a trip every year to a dog rescue to donate our earnings.

When I met Barb many years ago she made such a huge impact on me, I knew I had to help with her mission. I originally started transporting dogs for her to Halo, Puppy Luv and a friend who had a small horse and dog rescue in New River, I had several fundraisers at my favorite watering hole which were very successful, we collected money, food, toys, blankets washers and dryers. From there I had an auction planned which was interrupted by Covid. Eventually did on online event with Sheila's help we finally pulled it off. 

When Barb asked me to be on the board I was honored. Unfortunately, I don't remember what year that was. I became very close to Barb when she became ill and would come to Phx. for Dr appointments, this went on for a year and a half. My home became her home away from home. 

I am so pleased with what we have all done to keep Barbs legacy and dream alive and I'm sure she is too. She definitely has the best staff and board around. I will also do what I can to keep the rescue going strong. 


Meet Gina Benner: a Prescott native and long-time Rocky Point vacationer, Gina has woven her love for education and real estate into the fabric of her life. Initially a high school business teacher, she transitioned to real estate in Prescott 17 years ago, where she’s become a trusted realtor in the community.
A proud mom to two wonderful boys, ages 22 and 17, Gina’s lifelong passion has been rescuing dogs. Her dedication deepened in 2014 when she met Barb and became a devoted supporter of the rescue. Barb knew she could count on Gina to help the dogs most in need—many found new homes thanks to Gina, and some became permanent members of her family. Gina’s commitment to her canine companions even influenced personal life changes, including a divorce. With a smile, she admits that her six dogs now happily share the extra space in her bed.
Gina considers her work with the rescue as her third and most fulfilling career. Embracing every moment, she plans to continue her rescue efforts "til she drops," finding deep joy and purpose in giving dogs a better life. For Gina, her journey is not just about homes and real estate, but about finding and creating forever homes—for people and pets alike.


Meet Jenny Radigan: Mom of nine, dog rescuer, and the only teacher we know who can explain the intricacies of English grammar while juggling a litter of puppies! Living the dream in sunny Mexico with her big, bustling, bark-filled household, Jenny doesn't just teach verbs and vocabulary—she's on a mission to teach compassion and care through her work with Barb's Dog Rescue and other rescues in Penasco. Supported by her amazing, long-suffering husband, Tom, who does whatever is needed, and her children's unending support, Jenny's desire is to always be at the heart of the action. Proving every day that multitasking is her superpower, life for Jenny is a constant adventure, filled with lessons, love, and laughter.

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