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Thinking about adopting? We have so many wonderful dogs to choose from!


Here is what we look for in an adoptive home:


- Does the adopter have a suitable home?

- Fenced yard/ safe area for the dog to run

- Dog will be kept indoors

- Dog has a comfortable place to sleep

- Adopter is financially able to care for the dog

- Plan for house-training the dog using positive training methods

- Dog will receive proper medical care

- Dog will be a family member, not a security guard

- Dog will not be left alone excessively long

- Dog has comfortable place to stay when family is at work

- Adopter has a veterinarian

- Depending on the dog, home does/not have other dogs in the home

- Depending on the dog, family does/not have children in the home

- Protocol to keep ticks from the dog

- Adopter is of legal age to adopt


We do not ship dogs. Please come to the shelter to meet our adoptable dogs. Before choosing a dog, you’ll want to get to know them, and make sure their personality is a match for you.

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