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Thinking about adopting? We have so many wonderful dogs to choose from!


Here is what we look for in an adoptive home:


- Does the adopter have a suitable home? Do you own or rent?  If you rent, do you have permission to have a dog?

- Do you have a fenced yard/ safe area for your dog to run?

- Will your dog will be kept indoors?

- Will your dog have a comfortable, indoor place to sleep?

- Are you financially able to care for your dog?

- Are you willing to patiently and kindly potty train and teach your dog all the things you want him/her to learn? 

- Will your dog be a part of your family and not a security guard?

- Will your dog be safe and cared for when you are at work and/or traveling?

- Do you have a veterinarian?

- Do you have other pets/people/children in your home who are educated in how to properly care for your dog?

Please come to the shelter to meet our adoptable dogs. Before choosing a dog, you’ll want to get to know them, and make sure their personality is a match for you.

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