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The new normal

Barb’s has been operating at a state-of-emergency mode ever since Covid-19 restrictions closed our community last year. We survived the lockdown, a water shortage, a food shortage that continues today, and the replacement of a broken-down van with the help and support of our friends locally and across the border. Running at capacity has become the new normal. It is a delicate balance between the weekly transfer of pups to adoptive shelters across the border and our ability to take-in additional dogs from the local animal control and those brought to us by good Samaritans. Last month on our return from a weekly border trip, we were asked to check on a local man in Mexicali who rescues dogs. His clapboard home was overrun with animals that he fed by selling discarded cans he picked-up along the road. He allowed us to take 41 dogs, many of which were undernourished and in need of medical attention. Upon arrival back at the shelter, we were notified that Animal Control had 37 dogs that would be put down if we could not take them. And just like that, this single day rescue record put us over capacity, needing food and donations for medical supplies and care beyond our abilities. Welcome to the new normal. Meet Sea-Sea This adorable pup was found wandering on the beach all alone, soaking wet, hungry, thirsty, and exhausted. We named her Sea-Sea, and she is a lovable ball of energy waiting to grow into her feet. She is now about two months old and will soon be ready to meet an active family to take her home. If you love adorable puppies, this fur-baby is your girl!

Dog Food Needed Quality dog food is still difficult to find locally. Like you, we are restricted on the amount (50 lbs.) of dog food we can transport on our weekly border runs. We are in need of Kirkland’s adult and puppy kibble, Purina Pedigree adult and puppy kibble, as well as cans of Purina Pedigree puppy chicken or containers of Little Caesar’s chicken. Additionally, because we are still limited on the number of dogs we can transport weekly to our partnering shelters, we have many dogs that have been adopted and are simply waiting for transportation to their new homes in Arizona. If you can help us transport a dog to his/her new owners, please stop by the Rescue daily between 10 and 2 for more information. A reminder, Barb’s is a 501(c)(3) U.S. corporation, and all donations are tax deductible. Thank You We are forever indebted to our supporters for enabling us to be able to take-in these dogs. Whether you have held a fundraiser, volunteered, adopted, fostered, transported puppies to forever homes in the states, made a donation, picked up supplies at the WhyNot store, listed Barb’s Dog Rescue as your philanthropy of choice on Amazon Smile, shared a post or told someone about the rescue, we thank you. It’s because of you that “Rescue Never Stops!” Please visit us online at or our website: or Barb’s Mexico cell: (638) 114-1659 or U.S. cell: (602) 774-1578 Email:

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