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Thanks to you, the dogs have food!

Last week, after learning of an expected shortage of dog food, we asked for your help. COVID-19 and the closing of the U.S. - Mexico border meant that dog food in the Puerto Penasco area would likely soon be in short supply.

You answered the call. We raised enough money to completely stock our food storage closet and met - exceeded - the $ 5,000 triple match challenge offered by shelter friends.

We completely filled a large van with food - and two cars, too.

We have some funds remaining, which will allow us to buy additional food as our shelves begin to empty and the local supplies fill back up.

The impact of COVID-19 is hitting the shelter hard. No tourists are allowed into Mexico, so we are experiencing a significant shortage of volunteer help.

Without regular visitors, we're also missing the donations of food and supplies that people regularly bring to us. We're not currently able to transfer dogs across the border to our rescue partners, but Animal Control will continue to rely on us for help. The challenges are unprecedented, and we are adapting every day.

With the help that you gave us, we will be able to weather the storm. Your generous support was a much-needed miracle. Each dog at the shelter sends their gratitude. Your kindness has made such a difference.

Thank you.

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Tracy Harding
Tracy Harding
Oct 17, 2020

We wanted to share our rescues with you. Harlie is on the left and Rocky is in the middle. We got them at the same time when they were both about three months old. They just turned four. Macho is on the right and while he was not from Barbs, he was a rescue as well. Macho is seven. Thank you so much for all you do ❤️

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