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Thank you for a wonderful, record-setting year!

Your generosity made amazing things happen in 2019.

Last year we set a record by serving 1,318 dogs. We shattered that record in 2019, taking in over 2,000 dogs. They arrived hungry, sick, injured, and abused. Many were pregnant or caring for young puppies. But no matter their condition, we saw souls worth saving.

We gave them warmth, safety, security, nutritious food, and healing. We provided a place to call home, for however long they needed.

Some dogs had short stays and were quickly adopted by loving families. Others needed patience, gentle care, and the chance to renew their spirits. Because of you, each dog received the special care they needed.

To keep up with the flood of needy dogs, we added four more maternity spaces at the shelter and expanded several pens. We also added a playground and more places to play. They were quickly filled with wagging tails.

Rest in peace, sweet Pinto.

Every day at Barb's we experience a full range of emotions, from joyful laughter to crushing grief. This year we had to say goodbye to some special dogs, including Pinto, our distinguished elderly gentleman. When Pinto arrived at Barb's three years ago, he was so weak from starvation and dehydration that he could not even lift his head. We were able to nurse him back to health and give him a happy final chapter to his life. He rewarded us with his graceful presence.

Pinto loved basking in the sun. On extremely hot days we tried to keep him inside in the air conditioning, but he always slipped out the door and found a spot outside. He was the benevolent king of his pen, befriending all the dogs and comforting them with his gentle presence. Pinto was a kind and gentle soul who just wanted to be loved - and he was. He will be sorely missed.

We are doing everything we can to address the overwhelming challenges of Puerto Penasco's enormous street dog population because, like you, we believe each of these special souls, like Pinto, is worth saving.

Nothing we did in 2019 could have happened without you. You adopted. You transported dogs. You brought food. You gave money. You volunteered. You changed lives.

From all of us at Barb's Dog Rescue, and from all the dogs you helped, thank you.

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