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So many wonderful updates!

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

A update from our partner, Compassion Without Borders, where we send our dogs who have medical issues that can't be addressed without a specialist. Zola had a broken jaw that had to be repaired. It looks as if Zola has found the perfect forever family for her, and we are more grateful than we can express.

“We adopted Zola almost exactly a year ago (8/31/20) and our lives have been changed for the better. She has this incredible outgoing personality and simply wants to be friends with anyone she meets; be they animals or humans! We discovered she enjoyed swimming over the summer, although she much prefers the river or pool to the beach waves. She and our other dog, Luna, became instant friends and it’s not uncommon to find them snuggled together on the couch! We’re so grateful for her butt wiggles, silly antics, and crooked smile! Thank you for allowing us to be her forever home!”

We have the greatest update on Stoney, FKA Eddy. He sounds like the perfect puppy who has found his perfect family.

“Wanted to reach out and give you an update on the dog I adopted from your place June 9, 2021! This is Stoney. He’s been the most chill, well behaved puppy since day one! He is bell trained to go outside to potty. LOVES to go anywhere we go. LOVES all humans and other dogs! He barely barks, doesn’t chew our stuff, never has ruined anything in my house and overall just the best dog I’ve ever had! He goes swimming, and camping and loves it.

He’s gentle and submissive and actually gets dogs that don’t usually play to play with him (owners at dog park tell me that a lot). I took him from Barbs because he looked like a golden retriever. I did a DNA test and he’s mostly ROTTWEILER (and boxer and chow and the rest what they call “super mutt”) Thank you for all you do! I’m so grateful and proud to have recused this dog from Barbs!

Look how handsome he is!”

We have an update about Fitz, fka David. We love updates, especially ones that agree with us about how smart our dogs are.

“Hello Barb, my little Fitz aka David is the best, smartest puppy who brings joy and laughter to our house. This is him with all of his toys which he brings to every room he is in. Thank you for rescuing him and letting me raise him. Thank you for all you do.”

Another happy update!!

Paul was adopted and renamed Chewy. He has a brother named Biscuit, and the two are the best of friends. They love to cuddle and play at all hours of the day. We are thrilled to know how happy he is in his forever home.

We're so pleased that HALO Animal Rescue shared an update about Reese. It sounds like she's found the perfect family.

“We adopted our Reese from HALO (where she was briefly known as “Stephanie “) the day after she arrived at their Phoenix shelter, from Barb’s in July 2018. Reese is not only cute, she is independent, full of personality, playful and fiercely protective of her home and family.

She is a valued member of our family and we are so grateful to Barb’s and HALO for bringing us together.

HALO Animal Rescue found Marni her forever family, and here's what her family had to say about her.

“Hi, I wanted to send a pupdate about our dog Marni! We’ve had her here for a month and a half now and we’re are so in love with her. She was the missing piece in our family. When we got her we were told she sometimes had issues being aggressive around other dogs but she’s found herself a new best friend with my sister's dog and she loves making new doggie friends on walks! Thank you for all you guys do and for bringing us together."

Updates are our favorite. Look at this great update on Beatrix, now Luna.

“We re-named her Luna. She is such a little love and sweet girl. She is getting along so well and has become a complete part of the family. She is definitely attached to me more so and has become my little baby. Follows me everywhere. Lol. I'm in love with her already. Thank you so much!”

A beautiful update on Coco FKA Daisy's trip from Puerto Penasco to Michigan.

Coco’s Journey

"While visiting my mom in Puerto Penasco, I found the newest addition to our family. Barb’s Rescue in Puerto Penasco has saved thousands of homeless and injured dogs and nurtured them until they are able to find forever homes. If you find yourself in Puerto Penasco and want to add to your family, please consider adopting one of these adorable fur babies.

Coco, previously named Daisy had been rescued and nurtured to health at Barbs Rescue. She’s a mix (no idea what breed) 6 month old puppy, whose full of love and energy. We are so happy she’s adjusted to her new home and to her big sister, Addison exceptionally well."

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