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Dog Rescued from Dump in Puerto Penasco, Mexico

On Christmas Eve, a struggling dog was found by shelter volunteers inside an old tire at the Puerto Penasco city dump.

An angel must have given him the strength to raise his weary head from the trash as volunteers went by, because he managed to catch their attention. Volunteers Jim and Mary stopped to help him. He was weak from starvation and dragging a large mass on his side. They brought the dog back to Barb's Dog Rescue, stopping first at their home to give him food. Watch Jack's tail wag when he realized he was safe from harm.

We discovered the mass he was dragging was not a tumor, but a giant mat of tangled fur. We carefully removed it and gave him a gentle bath, nourishing food, and medication. After a few days in our care he sensed he was safe, and snuggled in for a long nap.

As he gained strength he used every bit of his energy to show his appreciation and return the love he was receiving. He had especially bonded with Jim and Mary, his rescuers, and the feeling was mutual. They decided to adopt him, and named him Jack.

Jack's days at the dump are long forgotten, and his life is now filled with the comfort and joys of companionship, good meals, medical care, and more love than he ever could have imagined. It's your support that changes the lives of dogs like Jack. Thank you for making his rescue possible. ❤️🐶

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