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Rainbow, a symbol of hope, joy & light

Each day, Rainbow builds strength, and her heart heals a little more from her traumatic past, and the grief and pain she has endured. Safe in our care at Barb's Dog Rescue, she can recover and begin the next chapter of her life, one filled with love and comfort, and maybe her very own family.

She is learning that an outstretched hand means kindness. That she'll always have a comfortable place to rest, and nutritious food. That her health is being restored by the loving people now caring for her. 

We chose the name Acoris for her, or Rainbow in English - a symbol of the hope, joy, and light we envision for her.

Not long ago, this is what her life looked like. She was emaciated and struggling to care for her puppies, the latest litter of the countless she'd birthed. For weeks, our staff had asked her owner to surrender her, so her puppies would grow up safely and Rainbow could have the life she deserved. But he'd refused. 

Finally, we were granted permission to help her. It was too late for her puppies - every one of them had died - and almost too late for Rainbow. She was emaciated, infested with ticks, and suffering from an eye infection, a bad cough, and a virus. But she was alive and grateful for the help. Now at Barb's Dog Rescue, she's staying in a special pen reserved for those most in need of intensive care and rehabilitation. She's gaining weight, and her spirit is coming back to her. Rainbow is friendly and eager for love.

Every penny you donate to Barb's Dog Rescue is used to save precious angels like Rainbow.

Barb's Dog Rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

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