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Meet Lazarus ❤️

This beautiful one-year-old dog has one of the saddest stories we've seen, and we've seen

some horrific things. Lazarus was a puppy born in the streets of Nogales, Mexico. As a young puppy, he was the victim of a monster who tied him by his neck to his motorcycle and dragged him several yards just for fun. It almost killed this precious baby. When the monster got tired of torturing Lazarus, he let him go and left him to die.

Lazarus lives to be loved.

But the mercy of God is so great, that little Lazarus was dropped close to a veterinarian.

The Doctor who worked there happened to witness what happened and ran out to pick up the dying pup. While preparing to euthanize the innocent angel, the Doctor looked in Lazarus' eyes, and Lazarus wagged his little tail as if he were thanking the Doctor for having come to his rescue at the lowest point in his life. The Doctor decided to try to save his life. The pup was treated and given some of the medical care he needed. He was then sent to a Shelter to recover from the terrible injuries he had suffered. He was hurt on his entire body, but his most serious injury was on his left front leg where he had a fracture with an exposed bone.

With time and home care, Lazarus recovered as well as could be expected without having had the surgery that he needed, but his front leg healed improperly is shorter than his other legs. He has a limp when he walks and he will most likely need to have that leg amputated.

When you visit us, do not miss out on loving our sweet angel Lazarus. He lives to be loved.

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