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Meet Frida, our new Director of Hospitality

A few months ago, a special dog was dropped off at our gate. Her back legs did not work, and her family did not want to keep her. She was 3 months old, and she seemed sad - as if she understood there was little hope for her.

sad German Shepard puppy
Frida, shortly after arriving at Barb's Dog Rescue.

We gave her the name Frida and brought her to our local veterinarian. There was nothing he could do to help Frida. We brought her back to the shelter to decide what to do next.

Meanwhile, Frida's spirit began to come alive, and she made her presence known. Although she couldn't play in the same way as other pups, she found a way to participate with the other dogs out in the yard, and they all befriended her. So too did shelter visitors.

Frida greeted everyone who arrived with her sweet smile and her enthusiasm. She quickly made a lot of friends and developed quite a following.

Our friends Jim and Mary were among Frida's fans. They offered to pay for Frida to see a specialist in Phoenix, and many people jumped in to help.

The orthopedic specialist examines Frida.

Volunteers drove her to Phoenix, and our rescue partners at HALO kindly opened up a foster home for Frida. They made sure she got to her veterinary specialist appointments and had a place to stay in between.

Unfortunately, both experts said there was nothing more that could be done for Frida. But this story still has a happy ending.

Frida is happy and is making friends lots of new friends.

Much research was done on options for dogs with disabilities, and several items have been ordered for her, including a drag bag.

A ramp was built out back so Frida can go out into the yard independently. Right now, she doesn't fit well in a wheelchair because of her stiff, straight back leg. But when she grows bigger, she should be able to use special wheels.

Frida is happy and having fun playing and making friends. In fact, she's so good at welcoming visitors that she's earned a promotion.

Meet our new Director of Hospitality.

Although she has her own business cards, thankfully she didn't demand much in terms of salary. Stop by the shelter and say hello to Frida. She will make sure you feel welcomed.

It's your support that makes it possible for us to welcome dogs like Frida into our care. Dogs that need some extra love and care. Because of you, Frida is thriving. Thank you for making her new beginning possible. Donations can be made at

P.S. Our friend Thomas at the Rocky Point Podcast is among Frida's fans and friends. He recently did this video about her transport back to Barb's Dog Rescue. Enjoy!

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