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These Rescued Mama Dogs in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, Need Your Help

It is hard to comprehend that human beings can dispose of pregnant mama dogs or those with newborn puppies. But we find them often - on abandoned lots or in the desert, desperately hanging on to life and trying to care for their babies.

We've rescued so many mamas recently that our entire maternity ward is full, and we are running out of room. We are doubling up on space, housing litters in our grooming area, and sometimes even in Barb's bathroom. We currently have 20 mamas in our care, with nowhere else to put them, and even more dogs waiting for a spot to open.

Two years ago, we built an intake center on the shelter grounds with room to house up to eight mamas. At the time, the building provided more than enough space. But as word about Barb's Dog Rescue spreads, the demand increases.

It's hard to say no to these struggling dogs and puppies, knowing there is nowhere else for them to go. And so we open our doors, again and again. Temperatures in Puerto Penasco have been very hot, and the newborns are too small to regulate their own body temperature. Without the cool indoor climate many would not survive.

We have the opportunity to add additional climate-controlled kennels to the maternity ward, and the work could be completed in just weeks. The cost will be approximately $20,000. With your help, we can make it happen.

Best of all, our friends Jim and Mary have generously offered to match your donation, dollar for dollar, until we have the funds needed to expand.

Please give today and help us to say yes to every mama who is counting on us. Your donation will be matched to help twice as much.

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