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It's Not Easy Being a Mom to Homeless Dogs in Mexico

It takes countless hours of time and sacrifice, and enormous amounts of love. There's one special "mom" who has quite a brood to look after, and she does it with the biggest heart imaginable.

Barb Mumaugh has been caring for dogs in Puerto Penasco since 2001. That first year, she helped ten dogs in need. Last year, she cared for over 1,300 - giving each a safe place to call home. For many of the dogs, it is the first time they've ever experienced kindness from a human. Barb is "mom" to all of them, working tirelessly to keep the shelter running.

Over the last several months, the shelter has been overwhelmed with mama dogs and puppies. There are currently 22 moms in our care, and another 2 dogs who are expecting. They all require extra care and resources.

It is challenging to find funds for food and medical care, but Barb makes it happen, day after day, year after year, and she does it with strength and grace. Somehow, she makes sure the dogs have everything they need, and the mama dogs receive extra care and comfort. She knows moms are special. Without Barb, so many dogs would be left to fend for themselves on the streets. Without Barb, so many dogs would be suffering.

Make a donation to Barb's Dog Rescue in honor of Barb, the mama dogs, or a special mom that you know. Your gift will be used to provide care for the 24 mamas and moms-to-be at the shelter.

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