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Hitching a ride on Hwy 8

On her way home from the US, one of our volunteers found these two dogs in the middle of nowhere, along the side of Highway 8, looking for food and water. She didn't know if she could convince them to come with her, but she pulled over and offered them some breakfast cake and they were so hungry they came to her to eat it. She loaded them in the car and brought them to our rescue. They were hungry and thirsty, and the little terrier is full of burrs and mats, but now they have all the water they can drink, full tummies, and the little terrier has an appointment to be groomed. Today is the first day of their new and improved life.

Thanks to your valuable help and endless support, we can continue to help all these innocent creatures that so desperately need us.

Every penny you donate to us is used to save these angels.

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