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Guardian Angels in Puerto Penasco

Last weekend (October 5th) Barb's Dog Rescue received a message from someone who had purchased two young puppies for $10. Though they knew it was probably the wrong thing to do (their words), they were concerned that the puppies weren’t being cared for properly and paid to keep them safe.

They didn't know the rules or processes to bring the puppies home to the United States, so they messaged our Facebook page to ask. A volunteer told them the dogs couldn’t cross into the U.S. until they were at least four months old and needed rabies vaccines 30 days prior to crossing. She suggested they email Barb directly about the pups.

Barb told them to bring the puppies to the rescue and she would care for them until they were old enough to cross the border. When they return to Puerto Penasco to take the puppies home, they'll be vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and de-wormed.

Without Barb's Dog Rescue, these puppies would have been in a very dangerous situation. Thanks to your support, they have a safe place to live until they’re old enough to go to their forever home in the U.S.

Thank you for helping us provide miracles.

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