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Can you believe this is the same dog rescued from the streets of Mexico?

Meet Carlos, a dog in our care.

Carlos's mom was a street dog whose pups were born in an empty lot. When Carlos was a few weeks old a local family took him into their home, but they weren't able to provide him

with regular food or veterinary care.

Carlos's health quickly deteriorated and his fur fell out. The family feared he had a contagious disease and put him out on the streets, beating him if he approached the children he had bonded with. Carlos became a street dog, struggling each day to find his next meal.

When he was three months old, a kind woman helped Carlos when she witnessed children hitting him. She asked them to stop, and brought Carlos to Barb's Dog Rescue.

Carlos arrived in our care with very little fur and a belly bloated from parasites. His skin condition itched terribly, causing him to scratch until his skin bled. But with veterinary care, good food, and the kindness of the people at Barb's Dog Rescue, Carlos slowly began to recover.

Today, Carlos is healthy and happy, with a beautiful black fur coat. He's been in our care for over a year, looking for a family to call his own. Stop by and meet Carlos, or better yet, adopt him!

Thanks to you we can continue to help these lost souls who need us so much. Every penny you donate to us is used to save these angels.

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