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A challenging couple of months

It's been a challenging couple of months at Barb's Dog Rescue, with the government shutdown impacting our work.

Because we have fewer adopters visiting the shelter than we have dogs, we regularly transfer dogs in our care to shelters and rescue groups in the United States. Visitors to Barb's Dog Rescue only adopt about 10% of the dogs we take in on an annual basis, and we depend on being able to transport the remaining dogs to shelters with more room. 

When the U.S. government shut down, we were no longer able to transfer dogs across the border. Our shelter quickly became full to capacity, and we had to turn away many dogs in need. There simply wasn't any more room. 

With the government up and running again, we were able to take 35 dogs across the border Thursday, and we have a transfer of another 35 dogs scheduled this week. 

Barb's Dog rescue

But as quickly as we transfer them, more seem to arrive. Three moms, all with puppies, arrived last week, and one puppy had to be rushed to the vet to have her severely infected leg amputated. There was also an orthopedic surgery, two tumor removals, and an eye surgery. Many other dogs with less immediate needs will also be visiting the vet soon.

Our shelter is still quite full, and the many dogs in our care have quickly depleted our food supply. We've received fewer than normal donations of food, because there have been less American visitors crossing the border.

We are greatly in need of funds to purchase additional food and provide medical care. Your donation will really make a difference.

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