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Generous Donors Matching Gifts up to $10,000!

With the summer over, we expected the pace at the shelter to calm. But we have been overwhelmed with dogs.

This mama and her pups are among our newest arrivals. She was doing all she could to take care of her family.

Last week alone, 100 dogs arrived at our doors. We currently have 28 mama dogs who have a total of 116 puppies, and an additional 107 puppies who don't have moms.

That's a total of 223 puppies! 

In total, there about 350 dogs in our care, with more dogs in need on a waiting list to come to the shelter. We simply cannot take in any more until our volume goes down. We are working to transfer dogs to shelters across the border, and welcome visitors who'd like to adopt.

Not surprisingly, our vet bills and food costs are sky high, and to keep the dogs comfortable and the shelter running smoothly, our recent two-month electric bill was $5,000. 

We could really use your help.

Our friends Jim and Mary Schwebel have offered to match all donations, up to $10,000, to help us through this busy time. Every one of these special dogs deserves a loving family. Please help if you can.

P.S. Have room for one more in your family? Consider adopting from Barb's Dog Rescue! Your new best friend is waiting for you.

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